Public Tenders

We advise on the bidding procedures for public works, supplies, services and offices under local regulation and mediating agreements and international cooperation agencies. We handle the sponsorship of impugning proceedings before the bidding entity and the Court of the State Procurement Agency - OSCE. Also we represent companies in special procedures such as reverse auctions, framework agreements and sanctions.

State arbitrations

Using the public policy framework guarantees to individuals, we advise and represent contractors in the arbitration proceedings. Our services include the selection of renowned arbitrators, representation throughout the process, in any negotiations that may arise and the judicial phase cancellation of the case.

Administrative Procedures and Public Services Regulation

We advise on administrative procedures: obtaining concessions, operating licenses, permits or approvals, statements about complaints about penalties of fines or closure, zoning, use compatibility, etc. We attend and sponsor in regular proceedings before the concessionaires of public services and administrative procedures trilateral raised among users or dealers to regulators (OSITRAN Osiptel OSINERG, SUNASS).

Intellectual Property, Consumer Protection and Competition

We provide advice to companies, national and international organizations on compliance with consumer protection laws and unfair competition related to the dumping, advertising, smuggling and abuse of monopoly regulation position. Also we sponsor all kinds of actions, claims and defenses against the various administrative bodies and commissions to consumer protection, unfair competition, competition, advertising and logos.

Public Management

We provide advice and consulting on administrative procedures developed within public bodies, as well as management documents that are essential for the proper running of these institutions. We prepare legal briefs and sponsorship in judicial and arbitration proceedings.

Procedural law

We have the experience and infrastructure to assume the representation and sponsorship in judicial proceedings for the recovery of credit portfolios and resolution of conflicts of corporate and commercial order. Also we intervene in administrative proceedings and actions constitutional guarantee.

Public Private Partnerships and tax works

We offer comprehensive advice on the design and development of private initiatives. We provide assistance in the cases of technical, economic and legal order that may arise.

Energy, Telecommunications, Transportation and Sanitation

We provide advice related to the regulatory framework of public services, absolving consultations and preparing reports, sponsoring investors in administrative procedures for market access to the licensors and before regulatory agencies.

Foreign investment

We provide testing services to local, supranational and / or international treaties applicable to foreign investment. Similarly we offer advice about the specific legal framework of the matter sector investment, customs, tax and immigration regime.